A Writer’s Guide to Speeches

Guy Doza will be running the a Writer’s Guide to Speeches on Friday 23rd June 2017.┬áThis workshop is designed for anyone who has been asked to write speeches and is seeking to grasp the basic principles. It covers the theory and explores how we can use rhetoric to enrich our wordpower. Guy will go through all of the practical tips you need to get ready, get started and get approval for your speech. So if you are already a speechwriter, or if you expect to be writing speeches in the future, then this is the workshop for you. Book your place now.

The European Speechwriter Network Conference, Magdalen College Oxford

Last week I attended the European Speechwriter Network Conference at Madgalen College Oxford. The conference was a hive of buzzing speechwriters sharing stories, tips, and techniques. These conferences always teach me so much more than I ever knew I could know about writing. Continue reading “The European Speechwriter Network Conference, Magdalen College Oxford”

A Rhetorical Commentary on Kevin Rudd’s Apology to the Indeginious People of Australia

Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Indigenous People of Australia is one of the best written political apology speeches of our time. This rhetorical commentary highlights some of these components and explains their use and effect.

The speech was delivered in the Australian Parliament in April 2008…

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Speaking at Wake Forest University, North Carolina

Last October I was invited to speak at Wake Forest University in North Carolina to graduate students in the Translation and Interpreting Studies Programme. I spoke about the relationship between speechwriters and interpreters and how both should learn how the other operates.

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The Scottish Parliament

Following the recent election in Scotland we were called by the Scottish Parliament to run a series of training courses for the newly elected MSPs. The training course covered the basics of political speechwriting from the maiden speech to parliamentary debating. We had over 35 MSPs attend the courses from the SNP, Conservative, and Green parties. Continue reading “The Scottish Parliament”