“Most books on persuasion teach the few how to sway the many. With wit, vim, and only a little felicide, Guy has given us something else: an X-ray into the diction of those trying to change our minds and behavior – clarity that can help us see through charlatans and make more informed decisions. In sharing his great respect for timeless speech strategies, Guy also shows why, despite its reputation, “rhetoric” doesn’t have to be a dirty word.” – Stephen Krupin, senior speechwriter to Barack Obama

How to Apologise for Killing a Cat is now on sale on Amazon and in all major bookstores! If you want a first edition signed copy, you can order them from the Canbury Press website for a limited time only.

In this pithy guide, speechwriter Guy Doza plucks some of the finest slogans from history, romance and business to show how politicians, marketers and even friends and family use the laws of persuasive language every day.

When Winston Churchill spoke in Parliament he convinced an empire to go to war. When Martin Luther King spoke in Washington he convinced millions to open their hearts. When Oprah Winfrey told her female viewers to think like queens, she was also using rhetoric. As we have, by using the rule of three (tricolon) to stress a point.

Rhetoric – the art of persuasive speaking and writing – often gets a bad rap these days. In this dazzling, fast-paced guide, Guy Doza rescues it from the shadows and thrusts its immense power into the spotlight.

Delving into compelling sayings from Ancient Rome to now, he shows how leaders, businesses, and even our own friends deploy rhetoric, often without our knowledge. He also reveals how to use persuasive language in your own life.

•    How to convince an investor to back your venture
•    What to say to a potential lover in a bar
•    And, the six rules of apology you should use if you accidentally run over the next-door neighbour’s cat…